User flow and FAQ

User flow

  1. Reservation application
    We accept reservations through our website.
    Please fill in the necessary information on the reservation form to
    make a reservation.Reservations can also be made by phone.
    Please note that for reservations made by phone, the payment needs
    to be completed by bank transfer before check-in.
  2. Reservation confirmation email
    A reservation confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

    • Please check your reservation details and make sure that you can receive emails from
    • Please contact us if you do not receive the reservation confirmation email within 24 hours after payment.
    • If you would like to cancel after the reservation is made, a cancellation fee will be charged according to our cancellation policy.
  3. Payment
    Payments are completed through our website at the time of reservation.
    For telephone reservations, please make the payment in advance by bank transfer. A handling fee of 3,000 yen will be charged in addition to the cancellation fee.
  4. Check-in
    All guests need to come to the reception counter of RESI STAY located in front of Kyoto Station to complete the check-in
    process. There we will inform you about the room number and the
    check-in process.
    The reception counter is open from 8am to 8pm (7 days a week).
    We will send you the pre-check-in URL by email after the reservation is confirmed.
    Please enter the guest information in advance in order to complete the check-in procedure smoothly. After checking in at the reception counter, a shutter bus will take you to each facility.
  5. Check-out
    For those who would like to leave without waiting, a self-check out is available at our facilities.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees vary depending on the details of your reservation. Please check the cancellation fees before reservaton.

Refund after cancellation

The refund is processed after deducting the cancellation fee and handling fee incurred according to the cancellation policy by the following method.
Please note that we cannot accept other refund methods.

  • In case of payment by bank transfer or credit card, the adjusted amount will be reimbursed to your account.
  • Please note that it may take 1 or 2 months for the refund depending on the closing date of the credit card. We are not able to access to the deadline and payment date (account transfer date) of each card company. Please refer to your credit card company or credit card statement for the method of refund.
  • In case of payment by Paypal, the refund will be proceeded to your account according to Paypal Send Money system.
  • In case of paying by bank transfer, the adjusted amount will be reimbursed to the account that you used to make the payment.



A.Reception counter

Q.Is there any shuttle service?
A.We provide one way shuttle bus from Reception Counter to each accommodation. We have a total of three shuttle buses and each bus runs 2:15pm-8:00pm everyday. We do not take reservations in advance. For details about the bus, please check here.
Q.Can the payment be made by credit card? What kind of credit cards are accepted?
A.VISA, MASTER, China UnionPay Card are accepted.
Q.Do I have to bring the passport of all coming members?
A.A. All foreigners who do not have an address in Japan are required to show their passport by law.
Japanese nationals and foreigners reside in Japan are not required. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.
Q.How can I check in if I arrive after 8pm(after Reception Counter closes)?
A. Please contact us in advance once you noticed your arrival will be after 8PM. We will correspond individually.
Q.Should I go to the Reception Counter to check out?
A. No. All you have to do on check out is just to return keys or cards in the accommodation.



Q.Can minors stay alone?
A.If a guest is under 18 years of age and staying alone or with other guests under 18 years of age, we ask that you call your parent or guardian to confirm your reservation and submit this document linked below. Please note that we do not accept guests who are under junior high school age and have completed compulsory education, regardless of whether or not the parent or guardian has given consent. Written consent for all guests is required.
Please send a copy of the form to the following address by mail or fax at least 7 days prior to your stay. If we cannot confirm the consent of the person with parental authority at the time of check-in, we may refuse the stay.
Click here to download the consent form for accommodation of minors.
Please send documents to
ON Building 5F, 544-2 Higashishioji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8216, Japan
RESI STAY Reception Counter (in front of Kyoto Station)
TEL:075-353-7744 FAX:075-353-7743
Q.How old will my child be counted as one person?
A.The child over 6 years old will be counted as one person. However, if the child do use the bed alone, then regardless of the age, he/she will be charged as one person.
Q. How much is  the cancellation fees?
A.Cancellation fees vary depending on the details of your reservation. If you have a reservation on other company's booking website or agency, please inquire them for the cancellation fees.
Q. Can I change number of people who stay?
A.Please inquire from this form if you made a reservation via our official website.
If you made a reservation on other company's booking site or agency, please complete chaging procedure on each site.
*RESI STAY adopts room charge system and there is no change of the fee up to the room's capacity except for Shinshinen.
Q. Can we stay more than the capacity?
A.We are sorry, but we cannot accommodate more than the maximum number of guests. However, children under the age of 6 who share a bed with an adult are not included in the capacity. On the other hand, the accommodation tax is required for all guests who actually stay, regardless of the capacity of the room.
Q. How many people can I share a bed with?
A. A child under the age of 6 can share a bed with an adult.
Example) In the case of a twin room with 2 beds → Up to  2 children under the age of 6 sharing a bed are allowed to stay.



Q.Will I be able to leave my luggage before the check-in time at 3pm?
A.You can leave your luggage at our reception counter.
You can leave overnights for several days, however dropping off and picking up is only available from 8am to 8pm.
Besides, some accommodations have storage. Please check the availability on 'Facilities' in 'Accomodation Overview'on each accomodation page.
Q.Could I send my luggage or package before check-in or during my stay to reception counter or accommodation directly? Could you help me to dispatch a parcel by post?
A.Yes, guests can send their luggage or packages to the RESI STAY Reception Counter before check-in or during their stay. As there are no staff at the accommodation, we ask that guests do not send their luggage directly to the accommodation. If you will send something to the Reception Counter, please write down the following information on the packing slip. Please also contact the Reception Counter to inform them of the expected arrival date of your item.

(1)Name (2)Check-in/Check-out date (3)Name of Accommodation
544-2 Higashishiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, ON building 5F (501)
RESI STAY reception counter (Kyoto station)
Tel : +81-75-353-7744


Q.Can I borrow an umbrella?
A.We can lend umbrellas at Reception Counter .
Q.Can I exchange the money here?
A.The reception counter do not offer the currency exchange service. However, we will show you the nearest currency exchange agency.
Q.Can I book a taxi here?
A.Yes, we will assist you with the taxi booking.
Q.Can you make a reservation for me?(ex: restaurant..)
A.Yes, we will do the reservation for you.
Q.Can you arrange the shuttle bus to the airport?
A.No, we do not arrange the shuttle bus to the airport.
Q.Can I ask for an extra cleaning service?
A.The cleaing service is done once after the check-out. You will have to pay for the extra cleaning service. Please kindly check with the receptionists if the service is needed.
Q.Can I borrow the adaptor, rice cooker and iron?
A.Please kindly check our website for futher information.
Q.Can I ask for extra towels?
A.If you would like to have extra towels, please let us know at the reception counter at least 2 days prior to check-in and we will prepare them for you. Fee: 300 yen (1 set: 1 face towel and 1 bath towel).

E.Sightseeing ⁄ Transport ⁄ Surrounding facilities

Q.Can you tell me the tourist spots where my child and family can enjoy their time?
A.Please kindly check with the receptionists.
Q.Are there kimono rental shops around? I would like to do a reservation.
A.Please kindly check with the receptionists and we will assist you with the reservation.
Q.How to get to Arashiyama or Kiyomizu temple from the property?
A.Please see the tourist information pamphlet at the reception.
Q.What time is the last bus from Kyoto station to the property?
A.The time for the last bus is between 10pm and 11pm. The bus schedule is not always the same so please kindly check the lastest bus schedule.
Q.Is there any hot spring nearby?
A.Please check with our receptionists.
Q.Where can I exchange the money with good rate?
A.You can exchange the money at the nearest bank. Please check the rate with the money exhange service.
Q.Is there any private parking lot at RESI STAY?
A.JISCO HOTEL KYOTO GOSHONISHI has parking lots(1,000JPY per 1 night, Reservation required in advance). There is no private parking at any other facilities. Please use coin-operated parking lots nearby. We can not inform the rates for coin-operated parking lots.
Q.How long does it take by taxi to the property and how much is the cost?
A.Please see the website of the staying property.
Q.Where can I have breakfast?
A.Please check with our receptionists.
Q.Where can I find the nearest bus stop?
A.Please kindly check the website of the staying property.


Q.Is there wifi connection in the property (data limit, password, rounter etc.)
A.Please see the website and information guide book for each property.
Q.Is there elevator at the property?
A.Please see the website of each property.
Q.Is there child safty seat for bike?
A.We apologize for the inconvenience, however we do not provide child safty seat for bike.
Q.Can the bedrooms be separated by partitions, etc.?
A.There are sliding doors to separate each room. For details, please refer to the floor plans on each room page.
Q.Is there any house rule?
A.Please kindly check with our receptionist.
Q.Is there air-conditioner or heater in the property?
A.Yes, all properties are equipped with air-conditioning system.
Q.How can I know the size of the property?
A.Please check the website of the staying property.
Q.What’s the bed size?
A.Please check the website of the staying property.
Q.Is that possible to add an extra bed?
A.We apologize for the inconvenience, however it is not possible to add an extra bed.
Q.Can I rent a crib and stroller?
A.Bed guards: Available at all facilities. (free)
Crib: If there is space in the guest room, we can rent it. (Paid) Please check here.
Stroller: Rental available only at RESISTAY Nishijin. (paid)
Please make a request from the inquiry form.
Baby bath: Only available at RESISTAY HOTEL SUN CHLORELLA. (paid)
Please make a request from the inquiry form.
Q.Is that possible to request a smoking room?
A.Smoking is prohibited in the room. Please check the rules regarding smoking at the property website.
Q.What kind of cooking appliances, utensils, and tableware are there in the kitchen?
A.Please refer to this page for cooking appliances, utensils, and tableware that are commonly available in the kitchens of each facility. *Please note that Shinshinen does not have a kitchen (refrigerator and electric kettle are available).

G.Shuttle bus service

Q.Is there a cost?
A.This is a free service for all guests staying at RESI STAY accommodations.
Q.Can I reserve a place on the shuttle bus?
A.We cannot take reservations in advance. The buses departure time depends on availability and traffic
conditions so please ask our staff at check-in time for the next departure.
Q.Is there pick up from the accommodation to Kyoto Station?
A.There is no return service from the accommodation. This is a one way service from the RESI STAY Reception Counter to our accommodations.
Q.Is there free shuttle service to or from the airport?
A.We are sorry but we do not have any shuttle service to the airport. Our free shuttle service is one way from the Reception Counter to our accommodations.
Q.When time does the shuttle bus depart?
A. The bus runs everyday until 20:00. There are three shuttle buses that are based on availability. Please ask for the next departure at check-in.
Q.Can I ride the bus more than once?
A.You may ride the bus again after check-in. If you would like to ride the bus again during your stay, please come to the RESI STAY Reception Counter and our staff will take you to yoru accommdoation.
Q.Will the shuttle bus take me to the front door of the accommodation?
A.Some of our accommodations are located on narrow streets or places in which cars cannot enter. For
details, please ask about your accommodation at check-in time.


H.Kyoto City Accommodation Tax

Q.What is the Kyoto City Accommodation Tax?
A.The Kyoto City Accommodation Tax was implemented from October 1st, 2018 and is applicable for all people who stay in lodging accommodation in Kyoto City. It is a separate fee that must be paid at check-in time at the RESI STAY Reception Counter. For more information, please see the following website with information from Kyoto City.
See the following link for more information:</a >
Q.Can I pay the tax by credit card?
A.The tax can only be paid in Japanese Yen in cash. Thank you for your understanding.

I.the Best Rate Guarantee

Q.What is the Best Rate Guarantee?
A.This is a service that guarantees the cheapest rate when you make a reservation through our official website.
If you find a lower rate than the official website reservation page under the conditions that qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee, please send us a screenshot of the screen showing the amount including tax by e-mail or LINE. If your reservation is eligible for the Best Rate Guarantee, we will accept your reservation at the same price as the rate you have requested.
<<Click here to make a reservation through our official website.>>
Q.What are the conditions for the Best Rate Guarantee?
A.The Best Available Rate is guaranteed under the following conditions.
The rate is lower than the rate on the official website reservation page for the same room type, dates, plan, and cancellation conditions, including tax.
The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to discounted rates using coupons or points.
The guarantee is valid only for requests made within 48 hours of reservation.
The guarantee does not apply to requests made after 48 hours from the date of reservation.
<<Click here to make a reservation through the official website.>>


Q.Can I stay with my pet?
A.Sorry, but we do not have accommodation where guests can stay with their pets.


Q.Is early check-in available?
A.Whether you can check in early or not depends on the cleaning situation, so please confirm that at the check-in time.