RESISTAY Your preferred style of eating even while traveling. Kitchen facilities

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Almost all facilities at RESI STAY* are equipped with kitchen facilities.


In addition to cooking appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, and kettles, cooking utensils such as frying pans and knives, as well as tableware and cutlery are available.

You can experience a new journey unique to RESI STAY - reheat the food you bought and eat it  in your room, challenge cooking with the foods you encountered on your trip, and  families can provide their baby food and milk.


[Cooking Appliances]
Microwave, refrigerator, kettle, IH stove

[Cooking utensils]
Pot, frying pan, bowl, colander, kitchen knive, cutting board, kitchen scissor, turner, ladle, tong, chopsticks, can opener, peeler, draining tray, kitchen paper, dish soap, sponge

Glass, cup, teacup, dishes, bowls, cutlery, chopsticks


*Some accommodations do not have kitchen facilities.
Some accommodatons have kitchen in only common areas.
For details, please see the facility overview/room facilities on each accommodation details page.

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