'My charm is filled alot.
Please come and meet!'


We have a Kuromi room in Kyoto!
At RESI STAY THE KYOTO with a popular hello kitty room,
we also have a [Cosmic KUROM Room] which has a cute lively interior design
and [Goth-Loli(Gothic Lolita) KUROMI Room] where you can meet a fashionable KUROMI.


"Cosmic KUROMI Room"


Puffy neon sign is the landmark!


It is so lively and cute room where KUROMI and Baku fly out into the space.

"Goth-Loli KUROMI Room"


✟Welcome to the KUROMI Gothloli World✟


It is a cute room with adult atmosphere and full of the illustrations of KUROMI.



Commemorative gifts for your stay!

・Face towel ・Hair clip ・Zipper bag(same design of the room)


※1 set per 1 booking

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