Plans with limited HELLO KITTY goods♥

Special plan

With limited Hello Kitty goods

"Sanrio Exhibition" was held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sanrio's founding, at the Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art. As a part of this special occasion, RESI STAY has launched exclusiveaccommodation plans that come with original HELLO KITTY gifts, available only ar our accommodations!

Each accommodation plan includes unique HELLO KITTY goods, making your stay  more enjoyable as you aim to collect the entire set of these charming items.

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For reservations, please select the "with Original Hello Kitty goods" plan from the reservation button.

With a gift of chopsticks and a chopstick case set with antibacterial specifications


Kyoto City Bus "Kawaramachi Gojo" stop: 4 minutes on foot
Keihan Main Line "Kiyomizu Gojo" station, Exit 3: 6 minutes on foot

A maximum of 8 people can be accommodated in a room.

With a canvas pouch that is perfect for organizing small items such as pens and cosmetics


Subway Karasuma Line "Shijo" Station, Exit 14: 3-minutes on foot
Hankyu Kyoto Line "Karasuma" Station, Exit 14: 3-minutes on foot

The best place within a 1-minute walk from Nishiki Market. "Maiko Hello Kitty Room" available.

With a lunch tote bag handy for everyday use


Kyoto City Bus "Kiyomizu Michi" stop: 2 minutes on foot
Keihan Railway "Gion Shijo" Station, Exit 6: 14 minutes on foot

A stylish house in a traditional townscape. High-quality relaxing time with carefully-selected home appliances and facilities

With a cute small Kiyomizu ware plate

RESI STAY Gojozaka

Kyoto City Bus "Gojozaka" stop: 4 minutes on foot
Keihan Main Line "Kiyomizu Gojo" station, Exit 2: 6 minutes on foot

An apartment hotel in Gojozaka area, good access to Kiyomizu Temple. All rooms are equipped with projectors.

With a set of 3 types of stickers. Decorate your suitcase cutely!


Kyoto City Bus "Kawaramachi Gojo" Stop: 2 minutes on foot
Keihan Main Line "Kiyomizu Gojo" Station Exit 1: 3 minutes on foot

An exciting Brooklyn-style room with and a bunk bed theater room.

Let's make your own Kitty goods by Kyo-Yuzen dyeing♪

RESI STAY Mayu Grace Hotel

Kyoto City Bus "Horikawa Oike" stop: 4 minutes on foot
Subway Tozai Line "Nijojo-mae" station, Exit 1: 5 minutes on foot

A classy and relaxing hotel in the Horikawa Oike area near Nijo Castle, a World Heritage Site.

With a precious Himalayan rock bath salt

RESI STAY Kyo Ryuvilux Nijo

Subway Tozai Line "Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae" Station, Zest Oike Exit 9: 5 minutes on foot
Bus/Kyoto Bus "Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae" Stop: 6 minutes on foot

3 types of rooms With color motifs of traditional Japanese colors that make you feel the streets you have seen on your trip

With an original Kyoto folding fan carefully made by craftsmen one by one

RESI STAY Shinshinen

Kyoto City Bus "Imadegawa Omiya" stop: 2 minutes on foot
Subway Karasuma Line "Imadegawa" station: 15 minutes on foot

A 160-year-old traditional house. When you step inside, you will feel like you have slipped back in Edo period. Spend quality time in a townhouse surrounded by lush greenery and silence