“RESI STAY” is an accommodation where you can stay over like you live in Kyoto. We offer rooms ranging from for a single room to large rooms for a group of people to stay. Please choose your favorite type as we offer various types of facilities to suit the various needs of customers.

Blend in to the streets of Kyoto

What a luxury to have all the major sightseeing spots located within walking distance. Appreciate the streets of Kyoto as soon as you step out of the accommodation in a kimono. Enjoy the lifestyle of the people living in Kyoto.

Anyone will be able to have a good time

There are different types of accommodation and rooms available, such as kyo-machiya that retain a sense of nostalgia, accommodation facilities that are remodeled from old houses, as well as apartments. These facilities can be used by both families and those traveling in big groups.

Experience hospitality from the moment you arrive at Kyoto Station

No matter which facility you use, the check-in process can be done at the reception center near Kyoto Station. We will be glad to guide customers, so even first-timers to Kyoto will be able to enjoy their time here. Please feel free to inquire about anything, from luggage keeping to information about tourist attractions.

Reception counter