Convenient Airbnb near Kyoto Station

Are you looking for a place to stay in Kyoto?

Kyoto is one of the most popular cities in Japan for tourists for its abundance of historical and preserved places such as shrines and temples.
You might be looking for the best place to stay in Kyoto. But you, looking at this page, might come across it right now.
An affordable, well equipped and comfortable condominium located near Kyoto station.

Here is the best start for your Kyoto trip.

RESI STAY HEART is an apartment hotel with a plethora of conveniences for trip in Kyoto.


7 minutes walk from Kyoto Station

RESI STAY HEART is located in a favourable location, about 7 minutes walk away from Kyoto Station.

With various choices for restaurants and shopping and easy access to transportation, guests can enjoy the convenience of the location during their stay in Kyoto.

Kyoto station

Kyoto Station is the terminal of various transportations: bullet train(shinkansen), JR, Kyoto City bus, Kyoto City Subway, Kintetsu Railway Line, taxi.

Tons of shops and restaurants are found around Kyoto Station.

Simple and Sophisticated Interior

Each room of RESI STAY HEART is decorated in a simple and stylish fashion, with large windows letting in light and views of local Kyoto life.

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Spacious Lobby and Shared Kitchen

Besides, on the ground floor, you can also chill out in the spacious lobby with kitchen and enjoy a view of spot garden.

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Well Equipped Facillities and Amenities

Furthermore, in RESI STAY HEART, washing machine and cloth dryer are located on the ground floor. So you can minimize your baggage.

RESI STAY cotoruneの共用ランドリーです。ガス乾燥機で素早く乾燥できます。

In addition, some rooms have  kitchen and  washing machine inside also.

Vacuum cleaner, iron and iron board are available at all room.

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Room Facilities

USB outlet

Electric kettle
Clothes iron
Vacuum cleaner
No smoking


Body soap
Face towel
Bath towel
Bath mat
Cotton swab

Tooth brush
Cotton make-up pads
Bath Powder
Memo pad ⁄ pen
Coffee ⁄ Tea ⁄ Green tea
Mineral water
Comb / Hairbrush
Hand soap

Coffee ⁄ Green tea

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190328 cotorune_342_R
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190328 cotorune_317_R

Spacious Room at Affordable Price

What's more, every room is not only spacious, but also clean and well maintained. Selected beddings ensure your good night's sleep to recover from long travels.

Accommodation fee is charged per room, not number of guests. So the more guest stay, the more affordable the fee will be.

Support and Supportive Staffs

There is no resident staff in RESI STAY HEART, but Reception Counter locates just 3mins walk away.

In Reception Counter, You can ask forwarding your luggage to next destination of your trip in Japan. You can also pick up your luggage forwarded at Reception Counter.


If you have any questions during your stay, you can communicate them from a direct phone at the entrance, your private phone, email, message board on booking website, RESI STAY App, etc.

Staffs are willing to make your stay in Kyoto more enjoyable in various ways- making reservations for restaurants on behalf of you, providing information about events held in kyoto and tips for sightseeing in Kyoto, etc.


Let's start your adventure in Kyoto with RESI STAY HEART.