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You are finding  the Definitive Accommodation in Kyoto.

You might be worrying about the accommodation in Kyoto for your next vacation. But you, looking at this page, do not have to worry anymore!

RESI STAY is local accommodation brand in Kyoto and has 20 properties in Kyoto City.

RESI STAY offers various accommodations such as vacation apartment, apartment hotel, condominium, lodge and whole house rental with well-equipped facilities at affordable price, so they are especially popular with Family, Group and extended stay tourists.

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Why you will love RESI STAY

Within Ten minutes walk from the bus stop and the train station in Kyoto City


Every  RESI STAY property locates within ten minutes walk from the bus stop and the train station in Kyoto City. You will find best start for your Kyoto trip in RESI STAY.

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Unique Interiors

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RESI STAY has a wide variety of interiors from old town house to modern city apartment!

Special rooms collaborated with Sanrio Characters such as Hello Kitty and Kuromi are also available.

You definitely find your favorite room from among 80 types with RESI STAY.

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Spacious Rooms at Room Charge System


Most properties of RESI STAY have room which can accommodate 5 guests or more.

Every room is not only spacious, but also clean and well maintained. Selected beddings ensure your good night's sleep to recover from lomg travels.

Accommodation fee is charged per room, not number of guests. So the more guest stay, the more affordable the fee will be.

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Equipped with Kitchen and Laundry


Most RESI STAY properties have kitchen and laundry. So you can stay like at home and travel with a minimum buggage.

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Supportive Staffs and RESI STAY App

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You can contact receptionists easily for various requests and inquiries via RESI STAY App during your stay even you are outside the accommodation.

All receptionists can speak English and Japanese. Some can speak Chinese and Korean also.

They can respond you quickly via RESI STAY App such as making a reservation for restaurant and recommending tourist attraction nearby.

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Plenty of Rental Services

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RESI STAY offers various rental services such as bicycle, stroller, crib and mobile projector.

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