RESISTAY Pre-register for a smooth check-in Check-in Link

◆What is pre-registration?

All guest information and passport copies are recorded at check-in time as part of the registration process. When guest information is filled out beforehand, check-in can be completed quickly and smoothly.

◆How to fill out the pre-registration Check-in Link

The pre-registration Check-in Link is sent to RESI STAY guests by email both at the time of booking and the day before arrival. Click on the link inside the email to jump to the registration form.

◆Necessary Information

①Guest name       ⑦Postal code (home address)
②Gender            ⑧Home address
③Birthdate         ⑨Passport photo
④Nationality         ⑩Phone number
⑤Passport number         ⑪Email address

・①~⑨:Information required according to Article 6 Paragraph 1 of the Hotel Business Law
・⑩、⑪:Used in order to contact guests during their stay in the case of urgent matters
・⑤、⑨:Not necessary for guests residing in Japan

・Registration is complete if the form shows 100% completion for all guests.

◆Check-in date

Check-in takes place face to face at the RESI STAY Reception Counter near Kyoto Station. Please visit the Reception Counter before going to your accommodation. Our staff will inform you about your room and our shuttle bus service and can also help to assist with luggage storage.

↓↓For details about the Reception Counter please visit the following link↓↓

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