Get Special Plates♥

Bring back the memories of Kyoto spent with HELLO KITTY♡

We are excited to introduce our exclusive stay plan, which offers the enchanting HELLO KITTY room experience and includes a special gift: an original Hello Kitty Kiyomizu ware small plate set.

By choosing this exceptional package, not only will you enjoy an unforgettable stay, but you'll also save 1,000 yen compared to purchasing this item separately. After your journey, indulge in a joyful tea time, allowing the memories of Kyoto and the charming essence of Hello Kitty to come together in perfect harmony♡

[Act quickly, as quantities are limited]
Discover a set of two Kiyomizu ware small plates, meticulously crafted by the renowned 250-year-old pottery shop "Rokubeigama," located in Gojozaka, Kyoto. Adorned with Kitty's adorable face, delicate cherry blossoms, and elegant camellia flowers, these plates seamlessly blend cuteness with the finesse of traditional craftsmanship. Elevate your tea experience by savoring the intricate charm and quality of these plates, celebrating the union of artistry and adorableness.

Accommodations covered by this plan

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