Start your journey of freedom!
Camper Rental Plan

Stay and move as you like!

We provide a unique camper rental plan that gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. With countless destination possibilities, you can choose to make spontaneous stops at intriguing places or spend the night in the comfort of your camper wherever you fancy.

【Car model】


①Hiace (2000cc)
②Amity (1800cc)
③Light camper (660cc)



〇Car dispatch/return: varies depending on vehicle allocation and return location
e.g.) car dispatch to Kyoto + car return at Kansai Airport:27,500+11,000=38,500 JPY
e.g.) car dispatch to Kyoto + returning car at Kyoto:27,500+27,500=55,000 JPY

〇Rental fee per day(calculated based on the date, rather than an hourly rate)
・Hiace (2000cc): 27,500 JPY
・Amity (1800cc): 27,500 JPY
・Light camper (660cc): 22,000 JPY

・Deposit: 385,000 JPY
*The deposit will be refunded upon the return of the car, with deductions for rental ETC, excess distance, gasoline costs, repair fees, and other applicable expenses.

〇Customer's burden in case of an accident
・Non-operation charge (compensation for business interruption in the case of accident, theft, malfunctions and other problems that are not the responsibility of the rental car company): 110,000JPY
・Vehicle insurance exemption: 110,000 JPY
・Objective insurance exemption: 110,000 JPY



〇complimentary amenities
・ Meal set (plates/cups/spoons/chopsticks/can opener)
・ toothbrushing set (toothbrush/toothpaste)
・ stove set (cassette stove/gas cylinder)
・ first aid kit (sticking plaster/disinfectant)
・ sleeping bag (cleaned)
・ tool set
・ air mat (can be used as a mattress)
・ hand towel/tissue
・ cooking utensil set (kettle/frying pan)
・ ETC card (Toll road fee will be deducted from deposit)

【Additional Options】


〇Paid options
・BBQ stove: The latest model with a pull-out charcoal container that makes it easy to adjust the firepower
・Table and chair set: Folding desk and chair set
・Kobe beef set: A set of 6 types of Kobe beef for 2 servings (about 460g)
・Wifi: There are 10GB, 30GB, 50GB, and 100GB types.

Reservations are accepted up to 7 day before the departure. Please inquire availability after that day.
☑ Additional options are accepted up to 3 day before the departure. Please inquire availability after that day.
☑ All fees must be paid in advance to RESI STAY.
☑ The following cancellation fees will apply for cancellations
・Up to 15 days prior to the departure date: free
・From 14 day to two day before the day of use: 50% of the scheduled amount
・On the day of use: 100% of the scheduled amount
・If the reservation deposit is greater than the cancellation fee, We will refund after deducting cancellation fee. Transfer fees will be borne by the customer.
☑ We accept requests up to 5 days before the date of use.Please contact us after 4 days before the date of use.
To use the service, you must present a Japanese government-issued driver's license or international driver's license.

Accommodations applicable for this plan

This plan can be arranged at all RESI STAY accommodations.