User Policy

Rules on use(as of 19 March 2016)

The accommodation prescribes the following rules in order to offer our guests a safe and pleasant stay.
In the event that a guest is unable to observe these rules, the guest house may cancel an accommodation agreement.

  1. The accommodation does not assume responsibility for any errors or problems in respect to transmission of information between the user and our website.
  2. In the event that the facilities and/or fixtures of the guest house are damaged due to willful act or error of the guest, the guest shall be billed for compensation of the damages.
  3. For safety reasons, we cannot provide accommodation for persons younger than 18 years of age by theirselves.
  4. Pets are not allowed in the accommodation.
  5. Room use in excess of the designated number of guests is prohibited, as a general rule. In the event that the use of a room is found to be in excess of the designated number of guests, the guest house will immediately cancel the agreement.
  6. Do not engage in commercial activities and/or uses other than lodging within the accommodation.
  7. Meeting with visitors inside accommodation is strictly prohibited.
  8. Do not use heating or cooking burners or pressing irons, etc., inside this building.
  9. Do not smoke in a guest room or in any place other than the prescribed area.
  10. Do not perform any acts that would cause nuisance or displeasure to other guests or neighbors.
  11. Do not bring the following articles into the accommodation.
    1. animals and birds, etc. (except for seeing-eye dogs, etc.),
    2. chemical stimulants and narcotic drugs of which possession is prohibited by law,
    3. things that emit an extremely foul odor,
    4. risky chemicals that are ignitable or easily combustible; gunpowder, volatile oil or hazardous chemicals,
    5. unlicensed firearms, swords and similar articles,
    6. extremely large numbers of articles,
    7. a large amount of garbage or articles that would affect the sanitation of the guest room,
    8. articles of extremely heavy weight,
    9. articles such as electrical appliances that consume large amounts of electricity,
    10. money or articles regarded by the guesthouse as having high value,
    11. any other article the introduction to the guest room of which is prohibited by the accommodation.
  12. Do not engage in gambling or acts that disturb the public morals inside the accommodation and guest room.
  13. We do not take any responsibility for a robbery or loss in the accommodation. Please protect your property.
  14. Do not distribute advertising matter to other guests inside the accommodation.
  15. Do not move, alter, remove or use for other purpose of use the facilities and fixtures inside the accommodation.
  16. Do not hang in the window an article that would be damaging to the external appearance of this building.
  17. Do not leave your possessions in the hallway or lounge, etc.
  18. Do not order delivery of food and/or beverages.
  19. Do not use the bathroom for dyeing or bleaching hair.
  20. When there is no special indication otherwise, safekeeping period for lost-and-found items is as follows.
    From and including the month of discovery, we hold lost-and-found items for up to three months.
    We hold food, beverages and magazines only until the day following checkout.
    Depending on the article, there are cases where these shall be reported to the nearest police station on the same day.
  21. Guest Room Hours of Use
    The hours when the lodging guest can use the guest room are from check-in time until checkout time.
    In the case of a consecutive stay, excluding the day of arrival and the day of departure, you may use the guest room all day long except for the time for cleaning and room preparation.