Terms and Conditions for Accommodation with Pets

Terms and Conditions for Accommodation with Pets

When using "RESISTAY THE KYOTO" with pets, the following rules must be strictly observed.

If you fail to abide by these rules, we may ask you to leave.
In such a case, we will not be able to refund you the penalty fee, including the portion of the stay that you do not stay.

■About the use of our facilities

○Pets are allowed to stay only with small dogs weighing up to 8 kg each, up to 2 pets per room. An additional fee of 1,650 yen (tax included)per night will be charged for two pets per room.
・There is only one cage per room.For the second dog, please bring your own crate or cage.
・Foldable cages are available for rent for 1,100 yen per night (tax included), but please contact us in advance if you wish to use them.

○Only dogs that are kept indoors on a daily basis will be accepted.

○Please refrain from using this service if you are in heat, menstruating, or pregnant.

○Fighting breeds are not available.

○Not available if fleas, ticks, parasites, etc. have not been exterminated.

○Please present proof of vaccination (5 or more + rabies vaccination).
(The last vaccination date must be within 1 year. For puppies, please show that they have received the prescribed number of mixed vaccines.)

■Indoor Rules

○Please wipe your pet's feet before entering the guest room. (Please prepare wet towels, etc. in advance.)

○Please ensure that your child is toilet trained. If you are unsure, please bring your own diapers.

○Please be sure to keep your dog in a crate in common areas (lobbies, hallways, etc) as it may disturb other guests.
Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents or problems that may occur when pets meet each other.

○Please do not let your pets bark so as not to disturb or harm other guests or local residents. (Other dogs may also start barking, so please do not get excited or bark. In the unlikely event that your dog becomes a nuisance to other guests by barking or acting out during the night, we ask that you take your dog for a walk or make other arrangements. If the barking does not stop, we may ask you to leave the premises.)

○If you find your pet marking or defecating on anything other than the toilet seat in the room, please clean it up with the sprayer provided. Please clean it up with the provided sprayer, etc. and notify the staff as soon as possible.

○Do not put it in a futon/bed indoors.

○Do not place pets on bedding or sofas.

In the unlikely event that stains are caused by rough handling, etc., cleaning and cleaning fees will be charged. In the event that stains are discovered after check-out without prior notice, a penalty of 11,000 yen will be charged regardless of the location of the stains.

○Please do not allow them to enter the bathrooms, as there is a risk of infection.

○Please do not use towels or amenities for your dog.

○Please bring your own food, dishes, bedding, toiletries, towels, etc. For your pet as we do not provide these items.

○Pet owners should prepare emergency first-aid medicine for their pets.

○Brushing is not allowed in the guest rooms.

○Please shampoo, brush, and defecate in advance of your stay.

○Please refrain from leaving your pets in the room. If you have no choice but to leave your pet temporarily, please keep your pet in the designated gauge or in a crate that you have brought with you.
(The facility will not be held responsible for any accidents that may occur while your pet is away from home.)

■Other Notes

○Leaving feces and urine near accommodations is strictly prohibited.

○Pets are not allowed at this facility.

○The facility will not be responsible for any compensation in the event that your dog gets lost, has an accident, or becomes ill.

○In the event that a dog does not follow our instructions or we are unable to contact the owner We reserve the right to place the dog in a pet hotel or take other appropriate measures.

○If you harm another guest, you will be charged for damages and medical treatment. Please understand that we will charge you for damages and medical treatment.

○Please note that all responsibility rests with the accompanying person (owner).

○This facility is a pet-friendly accommodation. Please understand this in advance.

○The facility is not responsible for any compensation for animal allergies, etc.

That’s all.